Past & Present Projects

After School Club:

The After School was launched in February 2003; the aim was to provide activities for children from the ages of 8-16 years old during term-time. This is a part of a government initiative to support working parents by providing care for their children for a period of time after school.

The club activities are dictated by the participants and supported by the staff. There are a range of educational resources to help young people with their homework, board games, arts and crafts and access to the internet. In addition to these, young people have the opportunities for getting their muscles to work by participating in sporting activities once a week.

As part of this scheme the government is try to make sure that all schools within 2010 should provide extra prevision for after school care/extra curriculum activities. If any schools would like further information then contact Vision.

Mentoring Plus Project:

The mentoring Plus project in Oldham has been designed to give help and advice and encouragement to young offenders. This is project was run by Connexions Oldham and Vision was one of the partners responsible for promoting the scheme and providing potential mentors to through training sessions, so that they could support other young people.

Outstanding Achievers Awards:

Outstanding Achievers Awards The Community Awards (formerly known as the Bangladeshi Best Achivers' Awards) the awards have been organised since 1994.

The aim of the event is to recognised people within the community for their outstanding achivements academically and through a voluntry capacity. However, we have made changes to the project to reflect the diversity of the communities in Oldham, as well as to ensure we recognise, promote and celebrate people's achievements from all walks of life.

The Outstanding Achivers Awards are an incentive scheme which is aimed to encrouage people to develop themselves personally and socially as well to contribute to the well-being of their own communities, the 'citizens of te Borough' as a whole.

Summer Play Scheme:

Every year Vision have organised various summer play-scheme which is funded by "PAYA" and include a range of activities for young people and children of different ages and backgrounds. Some of the activities and opportunities that are offered over the summer holiday period are:

Arts and Crafts session, Sports sessions, trips and many more activities which keep young people active during the holidays. All the activities are facilitated by trained Team Leaders, Play Workers and Volunteers.

Football Tournaments:

Vision is an organisation that strongly believes in encouraging sports to young people. Every year without a fail Vision organise a number of football tournaments. See our events calendar to find out this years tournaments.

The Vision football tournaments are widely known, popular and well reputed. The tournaments help to unite the community as well as encouraging participants to develop their skills. Teams will battle it out to get their hands on the coveted trophy, also receiving medals and the prestigious title as the winners!!!!